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Libertarianism For Beginners

Libertarianism For Beginners offers a smart, concise, easy-to-read explanation of this popular but frequently misunderstood political philosophy. Insider Todd Seavey unravels the history, core principles, policy implications, ideological dilemmas, and internal differences of a movement based on limited government, strong property rights, and the belief that we have the right to do as we please with our own bodies and possessions as long as we don’t damage those of others.

Illustrations and cartoons by Nathan Smith add a light touch to a deceptively nuanced—and always contentious—subject. A witty, even-handed guide for everyone from neophytes to neocons.

 Author Todd Seavey on
"Inside Amy Schumer: Amy Goes Deep"


Libertarianism For Beginners provides a comprehensive guide to what drives the movement. With wit and clarity, it should serve as a guide for all.

—Andrew Kirell, The Daily Beast

Todd Seavey has written one of the best introductions to libertarianism ever. It's clear, concise, compelling—and fun! 

—Donald Boudreaux, the Mercatus Center and Café Hayek

 This briefest introduction to libertarianism is also one of the richest—Seavey brilliantly captures a many-sided movement.

 —Daniel McCarthy, American Conservative magazine  

For Beginners® documentary, graphic nonfiction book series

For Beginners® is a graphic nonfiction series that deconstructs complex ideas. Every book in the series serves one purpose: to present the works of great thinkers and subjects alike in a straightforward, accessible manner. With subjects ranging from philosophy to politics, art, and beyond, the For Beginners series covers a range of topics in a humorous comic book-style. Every book takes a comprehensive approach that respects the intelligence of its audience.

Dedicated to Glenn Thompson, the inventor and the inspiration for the series.

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