For Beginners is thrilled to announce SEVEN new titles for 2015.

Lincoln For Beginners (Available January 13, 2015)
Stanislavski For Beginners (Available March 17, 2015)
Bukowski For Beginners (Available April 7, 2015)
Buddha For Beginners (Available May 19, 2015)
Saussure For Beginners (Available July 14, 2015)
The American Presidency For Beginners (Available July 2015)
Black Panthers For Beginners (Available August 18, 2015) 

Stanislavski For Beginners, March 17, 2014

Stanislavski was the first person to develop a cogent and practical system of acting.  Throughout his life he sought the answers to some fundamental questions:

• What is great acting?
• Is there a grammar of acting? Can it be taught?
• What are the steps you should go through to create a character?
• How can you find inspiration at every performance?

Stanislavski remains the most important influence on actor training today. And yet many of his ideas are little known, or even misunderstood.

Stanislavski For Beginners charts the development of the Stanislavski system and how it grew from his own practice as an actor and director. The illustrated text includes a clear exposition of the key elements of the system, such as relaxation, concentration, emotion, memory, units and objectives, and thesuperobjective.  Finally, the book explores the Method of Physical Actions, which he worked on in the years before his death, and which he called “the result of my whole life’s work”.

Stanislavski For Beginners is both an invaluable guide to the Stanislavski system and a fascinating chronicle of his life.  It shatters some common myths and misconceptions, and blows away the cobwebs, bringing ideas vividly to life.

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 Stanislavski for Beginners

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Bukowski For Beginners, April 7, 2015 

Charles Bukowski, novelist, short-story writer, poet, journalist, and cult figure of the dissident and rebellious was born in Germany in 1920 and died in the USA in 1994. He was one of the most unconventional writers and cultural critics of the twentieth century. He lived an unorthodox, idiosyncratic life and wrote in a style that was unique—a style that is impossible to classify or categorize. His work was at times cynical or humorous, but was always brilliant and challenging. His life and work are distinguished not only by a remarkable talent for words, but also by his rejection of the dominant social and cultural values of American society.

Bukowski began writing at the age of 40 and published 45 books, six of them novels. Along with Raymond Chandler, he could be considered one of the great voices of Los Angeles. In Bukowski For Beginners, playwright Carlos Polimeni evaluates the life and literary achievements of the cult writer whose voice of dissidence an discontent is still heard and appreciated by readers worldwide.

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