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Black Panthers for Beginners by Herb Boyd

Black Panthers for Beginners

by Herb Boyd

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For Beginners is thrilled to announce TEN new titles for 2015/2016.

Black Panthers For Beginners (Available August 18, 2015)
Music Theory For Beginners (Available October 20, 2015)

Civil Rights For Beginners (Available January 12, 2016)
American Presidency For Beginners (Available February 1, 2016)
Prison Industrial Complex For Beginners (Available February 10, 2016)
Lincoln For Beginners (Available Now)
Stanislavski For Beginners (Available Now)
Bukowski For Beginners (Available Now)
Buddha For Beginners (Available Now)
Saussure For Beginners (Available Now)

Black Panthers For Beginners, August 18, 2015

A crowd of onlookers gawked from the sidewalk as four young black men dressed in black leather jackets and berets leaped from a Volkswagen, each of them wielding shotguns with bandoliers strapped across their bodies. The young men surrounded two white police officers who had accosted a black man and had him spread-eagled against a building.

The young men did not say a word as the police officers watched them nervously, their eyes fixed on the shotguns. One of the young men held a large law book in his hand…This was the Black Panther Party in ideal action. The real story—the whole story—was both more and less heroic.

So begins Black Panthers For Beginners. The late 1960s, when the Panthers captured the imagination of the nation’s youth, was a time of regulation. While their furious passage was marked by death, destruction and government sabotage, the Panthers left an instructive legacy for anyone who dares to challenge the system. 

Herb Boyd has done exhaustive research, examined the claims of all parties involved, and boiled the story down to “the truth.” We believe this is the most truthful book on the market, but each Panther has his/her own story to tell. We suggest that you check out the stories of all the Black Panthers. 

Music Theory For Beginners, October 20, 2015

Learning to read and write music is very similar to learning a new language. Music theory is the study of how music is written and the fundamental elements of music. Music Theory For Beginners was developed for anyone interested in learning to read and write music, a task that can be quite daunting for novices. This text, however, will allay any fears and set you on the path to learning what all those dots, lines, and symbols actually mean. It provides the necessary scholarly muscle to entice and inform the reader, yet it does not require any prior knowledge of music or force the reader to wade through hundreds of pages of jargon and details. Whether your goal is to gain a cursory understanding of music, become fluent in reading music again, or start composing your own music, this text will provide everything you need for a solid foundation in music theory. Anyone can pick up this book and instantly start learning about—and understanding—music theory.


“This is the perfect book for anyone looking for a concise and extremely well-written, step-by-step introduction to music theory. The figures and examples complement the scholarly yet easily comprehensible writing style, making the book an ideal self-guide for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of music theory." 
Michael Schwartzkopf, Professor Emeritus of Choral Conducting and Music Education, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

“What’s great about this book is that it serves beginners and musicians alike. Anyone interested in learning the basics—progressing from foundational elements and then building on them—will enjoy the overall approach, the clear writing style, and the engaging, informative graphics. I would recommend it for self-taught musicians and for the classroom setting.”
A. Barron Breland, Associate Professor and Music Coordinator, Creighton University

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