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By Justin Slaugher Doty

Illustrated by Kwadwo Amo-Mensah

Foreword by Neal Adams

ISBN-13: 978-1-939994-70-7
Price: US $15.95
6x9, 176 pp
eBook ISBN: 978-1-939994-71-4
eBook Price: US $15.95
February 24, 2017

B/W Illustrations

The President of the United States is an office that attracts men of all character. From George Washington to Barack Obama, the office has been held by farmers, scholars, veterans, and lawyers from all different regions of the United States.

The American Presidency For Beginners tells a concise history of the actions and consequences of all forty-four Presidents. The evolution of the Presidency is highlighted in ten different sections: from weak curator of Congress to becoming the titan of policy, both domestic and foreign.


The American Presidency For Beginners is a must read for those who find the position of commander-in-chief compelling, and who want to learn more about the eclectic personalities that have led the U.S.


Justin Slaughter Doty is an aspiring historian and a longtime associate of For Beginners. He studied history at Wheaton College and taught the subject at the Brookfield Learning Center in Connecticut for two years. Justin is a nationally registered Paramedic and provides 911 advanced life support service for multiple towns in New England. He currently lives in Danbury, Connecticut with his 16 year old Beagle named Rocky.


Kwadwo Amo-Mensah holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Albany. Kwadwo is also an illustrator, comic book artist, and writer.

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