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Ron David. Illustrated by Dick Shearer.
Foreword by Elizabeth Beaulieu.


Many people consider Toni Morrison novels
difficult to read. Most of her readers have at least
one book on their shelves that they couldn’t finish
or, when they did finish one, just scratched their
heads in confusion. And when we are sure, it turns
out we were half-wrong or only got the tip of the
iceberg instead of the whole, beautiful, brooding


Toni Morrison For Beginners is about the woman,
her books, her mission, her wordmusic, and all that
subtext in her writings. Morrison’s books are like
the ocean: the surface is beautiful but everything
that gives them life lies beneath. She’s the kind of writer who can change your life
and this book is here to help you navigate the words and the woman.

Toni Morrison For Beginners

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