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Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen.
Illustrated by Owen Brozman.
Foreword by Jane Alcorn.


Tesla filed nearly 300 patents in his lifetime. Many
of these patents resulted in functioning inventions.
Others were little more than wide-eyed dreams—
or still await possible development. Tesla For
Beginners examines the man behind alternating
current and wireless technologies who traveled
from Serbia by steamship to arrive in the United
States with only four cents in his pocket. It was
in the early 1880s, at the tail end of the Industrial
Revolution and the beginning of the Second
Industrial Revolution, that America beckoned him.


Nikola Tesla- poet of invention, possessed of a prodigious memory and deepseated phobias, has left behind a vast and intriguing legacy. He was a scientist, a physicist, a mathematician, an electrical engineer, a writer of verse, and an extensively published author.

Tesla For Beginners

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